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Fees and Payment

Here at Ellis Endodontics, we are IN-NETWORK providers for Aetna, Cigna, Delta, Dentemax, and Guardian insurance carriers, however we also accept all other PPO plans according to their out-of-network policies as well!  Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your insurance benefits.  We will bill your insurance company for you; however, please be prepared to pay for your estimated portion of the cost at the time treatment is rendered.  Upon settlement with your insurance company, we will issue a reimbursement to you immediately if you have overpaid us, or you will be asked to take care of any outstanding balances in accordance with financial arrangements established prior to initiation of treatment.  Payment in full will be requested at the completion of treatment for patients who do not have dental insurance.  We do offer Care Credit for patients who do not have dental coverage as a payment option, and we are available to assist you with this option!  We also accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We hope that our participation in all these plans will help you to better afford the dental care that you need.

FAQ: Insurance

We are here to help you understand how to utilize your dental insurance benefits. In order to better serve you, please provide us with:

  • The name of your insurance company.
  • The name of your employer.
  • Date(s) of birth, for both the insured and the patient, if different.
  • Identification number(s) associated with your policy.

We will be happy to explore both your dental insurance eligibility and the benefits to which you may be entitled. Please keep in mind that dental insurance RARELY covers the enitre cost of endodontic treatment. You will be responsible for paying all deductibles, co-payments, and the total costs for any uncovered procedures.

What can affect my co-pay and/or applicable benefits?

  • You may have already used most or all of your "allowable" benefits for the entire "benefit" year (which usually coincides with the calendar year).
  • Your insurance plan may operate under their own fee schedule, with fees that are lower than ours.
  • Your insurance plan may pay only a certain percentage of the entire cost of treatment.
  • Some plans demand a waiting period before a specific procedure is allowed or considered.
  • You may not have satisfied your deductible for the benefit year.
  • Your insurance plan may not cover endodontic procedures at all.
  • You may still have some pending claims at another office.

The information that we gather regarding your eligibility, estimated co-pay amounts, and remaining benefits available for the year, is based on communications from your insurance carrier, and therefore we cannot guarantee any payment from them.

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