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Patient Testimonials



I was referred to Ellis Endodontics by my dentist to investigate the cause of pain in one of my molars.  Turned out I needed a root canal and I was dreading it due to a previous nightmare experience with a root canal several years ago.  Dr Nakata and staff were exceptional and I knew I was in good hands immediately.  

As luck would have it, after the root canal was performed, I was still experiencing pain in the tooth next to it (but the one they worked on was fine).  That tooth had a root canal and a retreatment on it years ago.  Dr Nakata patiently tested the tooth several times before attempting to go in.  It was technically an impossibility that I was feeling pain in a tooth that had the nerves removed but he took the time to get to the root of the issue and did not brush me off as many other dentists would.  Sure enough, there was a nerve left in the tooth (yes, after a root canal and retreatment performed by another endodontist).  They accommodated me by doing the root canal immediately.  The nerve was curved, extremely thin and complicated but Dr. Nakata did not give up and spent a long time cleaning and treating it.  In addition to all this, they adjusted the pricing since it was not a full root canal and were very transparent that they were not sure what the outcome would be since it was the third time the tooth had been worked on.  Fast forward two weeks and I am finally pain free and have not been fully pain free on that tooth for several years.  

So, after having two root canals within a 10 day timeframe, I can honestly say I was blown away by the level of professionalism, transparency, compassion and overall technique.  Dr Nakata even called me personally to ask how I was doing after the second root canal.

I always try to provide feedback when someone goes above and beyond and I feel compelled to do this for the team at Ellis Endodontics.  From the front desk to the dental hygienists (thank you Agnes for making me feel so comfortable!) I am very grateful to have been sent here for my problematic molars.

Don't think twice about going somewhere else.  I drove all the way from Glendale and I don't regret it one bit.  


Thank you!


Sahira, M



I was referred out by my General Dentist (GD) to a root canal specialist. I found Ellis Endo through my dental insurance. I went to their office on March 8th for a consultation. I must admit I was very nervous because my GD was not able to get my lower molar numb for the root canal. I had a terrible experience I felt the entire thing. My GD stopped working on the tooth and placed a temporary filling on that tooth. During the consultation I was greeted by Leah she made me feel so comfortable and took care of the billing. Dr. Nakata came in and did an evaluation of the tooth and explained everything to me. He mentioned he had some tricks to attempt to get me numb. I came in today with a preconceived notion that I'll be here all day getting poked with needles. Dr. Nakata and his assistant were awesome within less than 15 mins I was completely numb. I did not feel the needle or even a pinch!!!! Dr. Nakata was fast but very thorough!! He made sure I was comfortable and that I stayed numb throughout! At the very end he took an X-ray and oh my goodness it was the perfect root canal cleaned and filled to the very end of the root!! Dr. Nakata prescribed me some pain medication. No need to get that prescription it's been several hours since the numbness wore off and I have yet to feel any pain or tenderness. I'm back to my normal eating habits except anything hard! I'm currently at yogurtland enjoying this big cup of frozen yogurt without any sensitivity or throbbing pain it's been months! I sincerely thank you very very very much Dr. Nakata and The Ellis Endo staff for everything today!!!!!!


Sandra D.




Dr. Kyomen,

Appreciate the follow-up.  I will take care of the crown and continue to see Dr. Mardesich.  
You know, having tooth pain and needing a (revised) root canal is never fun, but the experience in your office has been fantastic.   From taking me at short notice while I was in pain, having a very pleasant and competent staff, responding off-hours to my concerns and finally following up like this - it is beyond expectations. Thank you so much for your excellent service.  
Kathy Milne


Hi Everyone


I would like to not only thank you for always being beyond wonderful to me and my sons, but for helping Michelle. I have always spoken so highly of your entire staff, so justly deserved. Michelle told me she has never had such confidence from anyone in her life as she has now with your team. Dr. Nakata – you are the absolute best. See, your dad “Harry” had a lot to do with it.

I do miss you guys but I do not miss all my problems with my teeth – lol.Thank you again for everything and for helping my friend out. I will ALWAYS recommend you and your staff. If I lived in New York, I would fly here to have my dental work done by you.


I hope everyone is doing well and Happy Springtime – soon to be summertime J

Hugs to Everyone


Stephanie Hamilton

General Manager






Dr. Kyomen and the entire staff were beyond professional in their practice and patient care. I had a root canal done on short notice. This is currently the day after and I feel great! Dr. Kyomen and staff were great at communicating with me what the procedure consists of before they began and made sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure. Thank You.


J. Persichina




Considering the pain I was in when I got there, things couldn’t have gone any smoother. My pain is completely gone now, and I feel confident to have my bridge glued on permanent the next time I see Dr. Grace. I have to commend Dr.Nakata. He was so diligent and thorough working on that tooth for almost two hours. I appreciate everything all of you did for me, and would highly recommend your services to anyone needing a much hated root canal.

Thanks so much,



S Rhoads,


I had waited 3 months! Till the discomfort got the best of me. I saw my regular dentist and was a lil upset he told me to go to Dr. Nakata due to possibly needing a root canal. Dr. Nakata is a very knowledgeable expert at what he does. I've had other root canals & didn't have the same experience from the minute I walked in. Ellis Endodontics has the best dental assistants they know how to treat patients with care &waste no time!The front desk personnel are very warm & welcoming that in itself is hard to find sometimes. The office is super clean and up to date! I cant even comment on wait time because there was none;D absolutely happy!!

The best Place to get a root-canal, haha! It's very professional, new aged & welcoming they appreciate their patients;)Dr. Nakata is the Best in the world!!

Marie M.



Dr Todd Nakata and his associate Pam, worked on my root canal, when I was in great pain. His explanation on the procedure was clearly understandable and my request was when do we start. His reply was 'NOW". My reply, lets get started as the doctor was prepping me he would explain each step. I was very pleased with the results and more importantly had no further pain. When I arrived home, I told my wife I would recommend Dr T Nakata to anyone who needed a Root Canal. The Doctor provided a comfort level. A great point of information from the Doctor. As we become Senior Citizens we must be careful in our food selection, (Hard Nuts, Candy , etc.) Stay away as they are not very friendly. I am a principal person who did not know. A very satisfied patient.

Ned M



Kirsten M (dental patient) writing the review in friend Patrick M.'s Yelp.

I was immediately impressed by the professionalism of the entire staff at Ellis Endodontics.   The offices are also modern, beautiful and serene.    I had a badly infected #15 tooth and needed a root canal.    The dental work that was performed by Dr. Sharon Kyomen along with the help of her assistant was clearly state-of-the-art in  efficiency and in thoroughness.   I cannot say that it was entirely painfree but that was due to the pressure on the underlying infection.   It was certainly as painfree as it possibly could be.   I was most concerned about saving the tooth and Dr. Kyomen did  magnificent, intensive dental work to achieve that aim.   Highly recommend.


Kristen M.



Dr. Kyomen and her staff were excellent.  The office was state of the art, staff very professional and efficient.  I had an urgent root canal, nervous about the procedure.  Dr. Kyomen and her assistant (sorry, I forgot your name) took time to explain what was going to happen.  They eased my mind.  I highly reccommend Dr. Kyomen and her office staff.


Virginia G.


4/20/ 2013


I first met Dr. Nakata 15 years ago for treatment for a root canal.  Having been in the dental profession for many years, I knew what to expect.  Little did I know it would be completely painless and actually a very pleasant experience.  Move ahead 15 years and I again had the need to see an endodontist.  Naturally the first dentist I thought of was Dr. Nakata.  I was given an appointment in a very timely manner and greeted by the most friendly of staffs...two of whom were with him 15 years ago and I remembered them for their kind ways back then.

I feel Dr. Nakata is thorough and takes the time to explain everything.  He is painless and ever so gentle.  The girls in the office are all so warm and friendly and it was not at all an unpleasant experience.  One should have NO fears going to Ellis Endodontics and seeing Dr. Nakata.

My husband and son have also seen Dr. Nakata and both were completely satisfied and experienced no discomfort or pain and their issues were taken care of.

The office is spotless and lovely surroundings.  There is plenty of accessible parking in the off street parking lot in front and to the side of the office, making parking so easy.

We highly recommend this office, this wonderful dentist (endodontist) and the lovely young ladies taking such care of their patients.

Kris W

San Pedro, Ca





I've had two root canals previous to the one I had this week and Dr. Kyomen has done them all.  When I recently learned that I would need another one done I asked to be referred to Dr. Kyomen because she is extremely skilled at what she does.  Her office is beautiful and the staff is warm and inviting.  I recommend this office highly if one is in need of this kind of procedure.


Barbara S.

Torrance, Ca





While a root canal is not something to look forward to, Dr. Sharon Kyomen is absolutely the best in her field and makes every effort to minimize pain or discomfort.  The medical office is state-of-the-art and the office staff terrific.   Her professional skills are outstanding and is very thorough plus she takes the time to explain the procedure both in advance and as she is working.  I value Dr. Kyomen as a "10" on a scale of 1 to 10!


Peter B.

San Pedro, Ca




Dr. Todd Nakata is amazingly competent and confident.  Because of reconstructive surgery decades ago, it is very difficult to work in my mouth.  I have had 6 root canals with him and have experienced little, if any, discomfort and have always had  successful outcomes.  He is able to anesthetize me without even the injection hurting.  Very unusual in my experience.  His office is technologically advanced and I think that one of the reasons the outcome is so positive is that he uses a computer-generated microscope to place the canal filling material so precisely.  His assistant, Pam, is very calming and competent, as well.  I just had another root canal yesterday, came home and resumed my usual routine.  I am extremely grateful for his skill.


Claudia M.  Ph.D.

Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca





This was my first experience of having to have a root canal. From the moment I was referred to this office every part of my experience was excellent!  Making the appointment was easy and efficient  although I  was a first time patient. The office staff is courteous, professional and helpful.  Dr. Nakata was fabulous! For a procedure I was feeling apprehension about, I had minimal discomfort during the experience and I was pain free the next day!  I highly recommend to anyone who requires this type of treatment necessary, to see this practice.  They are the best!!


Patricia C.

Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca


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